Entschuldigen Sie, nur Englisch jetzt,

I have aquired one of the plesantly small renamed Leitz cameras. The original C was easier to pocket than the Ms, this digital incarnation is equally easy to transport even if its wide-angle zoom is very fat compard with the original single focus lenses. Yesterday I used my old R: 100mm ApoMacro on it; equally fat, but somewhat longer and very much heavier. The coatings and internal baffling of the zoom ensures freedom from glare and reflections . The sensor performs well enough to enable cropping enlargements.

BUT in one respect it is as bad as the Olympus Pen F i gave up because its focus point kept moving . The CL has the same sensitivity to random changes of settings as the Nikon Z-7 I use when heavy luggage is no problem.

Even though I have disabled all touch controls of the CL, there is no way to temporarily shut down functions of wheels on top of the camera and the backside arrows. So I can still find that I am focussing and metering light in the bottom right hand corner (with exposure set at minus 3)

My instinctive response to misbehaving technology, such as using superglue on buttons does not work since the controls will be occasionally useful. Leitz have given up on reforming its software and a version with locking button like on the R9 will never happen. On the plus side its DNG raw files are faster to treat than Nikons raw files.
The Z7 has a far better manual focus system and can also use M&R optics. Hwever, with a L to M adapter and some careful handling the CL can serve better as travelling camera.