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Thema: Z-7 terrible focus-point movement

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    Standard Z-7 terrible focus-point movement

    Entschuldgen Sie dass ich Englisch schreibe.

    I have now used the Nikon Z7 for about a month. Even my old Flektogon 20mm does well on it and the Z-Leitz M adapter makes my old Mlenses shine. With the front buttons chosen as 100% enlargement, pinpoint focus is easy, BUT, the central focussing (and possibly the spot.metering point) moves if one is not very careful not to handle the camera. So you will get anything far removed from your motive in sharp focus and correctly exposed unless you will take a break . swear and take one press on the offending "joystick" which wil move it back, A firmware option to disable it would be very much better.

    If this major fault is corrected it will be the ideal camera for almost all types of glass where adapters are available. Especially since imprecise adapters do not guarantee that lens infinity markings coincide with ifinity focus.

    At present anything that can be fitted to a non auto CE mount,can be used on the Z since an easily available CE-Z mount can serve as host for other adapters. The K&F site has some adapters for other mounts although their CE-Z, which I use, seems to be a fraction too short to be dimensionally exact (too short when tested with the Leitz R 16mm and double adapters so my Leitz-R to CE might also be too short, but same results with the Zeiss 35-135 and those adapters worked well on my previous Canon camera) I do not expect their other mounts to be of Novoflex dimensional quality although some users might want too short adapters .


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